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ToDesktop's Changelog
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2 September 2022

Offline screen when user have no internet connection

You can now enable a basic offline screen. The screen will have your app icon along with a "try again" button that can have custom colours.

Various fixes for menubar windows

Too many fixes to mention but we've rearchitected how menubar windows work.


ToDesktop Builder
19 May 2022

Now you can edit the tray menu for your app as easily as you edit the application menu


Bug Fixes
ToDesktop Builder
15 April 2022

Lots of little fixes in this release:

  • macOS panels no longer cause crashes on MacBooks that have TouchBars. We've also made a couple of other minor enhancements to make them feel more native.

  • Fix bug where global shortcut UI sometimes causes an undefined error.

  • Fix issue with default icon not working when creating a new simple app.

  • Fixed a bug where if a user has no apps then the app gets stuck on the loading screen.


Web App → Desktop App converter
13 April 2022


You can quit the app programmatically by calling window.todesktop.app.quit()

Event listener for when the main app window is hidden

On Mac, when you close the main window, we hide the main window instead of destroying it. This allows us to show the window quickly when a user click's the dock icon. However, you may want slightly different behaviour. Now you can listen to the main-window-hide event and decide what you want to do when the event is triggered.

For example, you may want to comb


ToDesktop CLI
13 April 2022

If your project includes a pnpm-lock.yaml file then we will use PNPM instead of npm/yarn.


ToDesktop Builder
4 April 2022

Panel support for macOS

Panel windows are now supported on macOS.

What is a panel window? A panel window allows you to pop up a window without taking focus away from the app that you're currently in. So now a panel window will behave more like Spotlight. This may seem like a subtle difference but it makes it really easy for your customer to quickly pop up a panel and dismiss it. So they can get back to work with minimal disruption.

Traffic lights on hover for macOS

Want a clean window with the windo


ToDesktop Builder
30 March 2022

Different app icons for Mac, Windows and Linux

Click the "Use separate icons for Windows, Mac & Linux" checkbox to provide a different app icon design for Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can make your app feel at home on Windows and Mac by following the guidelines from Apple and Microsoft.


Different tray icons for Mac and Windo


ToDesktop Builder
28 March 2022


Now, you can toggle all app windows (not just one) from the menubar/tray menu.


Now we show a Windows, Mac or Linux icon next to settings that are only available on some Operating Systems.

You can now make a window not appear in the taskbar on Windows. This is particularly useful for panel windows and tray windows.


  • Fix: Command-q was blocking all apps from closing when running a menubar/tray app with minimize to tray enabled.